meet dani

I’m a Memphian, born + raised. I’m the proud mama of a 3 year old lab mix named Brees! As a huge New Orleans Saints fan, I just had to name her after their amazing quarterback, Drew Brees. I graduated from the University of Memphis in May 2016 and started my business soon after.I'm a complete sucker for quotes + lyrics. I'm pretty sure I think in lyrics. I love making people laugh, it's almost a social experiment for me, to see how I can make each person laugh. I'm highly introspective and I over analyze everything.

Why a photographer?

When I was a sophomore in college, I decided I wanted to be a nurse. After my first semester in nursing school, I realized I was a terrible student and would’'ve been a terrible nurse. So I decided I wanted to be a physical therapist. Again, I was a terrible student and would'n’t have even made it to pt school. So after quitting two medical track majors, I decided to study abroad. While abroad in Costa Rica I took my first photography class. Once I returned, I photographed the family of a woman that I worked for, this was my first at home session, ever. After I delivered the images, the mom called me into her office and cried to me! She said that they had never had photos taken like those, that captured who they are as a family so genuinely. It was in that moment that I realized I could “help” people by showing them how beautiful they are, inside and out. I could make them see how amazing their families and relationships are- unique and quirky and perfect as they are. Before that, I thought I had to be in medicine to help and affect people’s lives. 

People I want to work with: 

couples and families that are super in love, those that are deeply connected and want emotional portraits that show connection and relationships

"Watch carefully the magic that occurs when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves." -atticus

PC: Halee Betzner Photography  

PC: Halee Betzner Photography


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