"I want people to be afraid of how much they love me." - Michael G. Scott

I'm dani - the girl with a bunch of dogs, who quotes the office, + eats lotsa donuts

I'm a Christ follower, donut eater, + dog rescuer

I teeter somewhere on the line between normal-ish introverted twenty something + crazy old dog lady. I'll let you decide. When I say I'm introverted, I mean I probably won't be able to make it to your huge holiday extravaganza, but I'll be the first to invite you on a coffee date. My dog is my life + my best friend. I foster + rescue dogs off the streets of Memphis + hope to do so until the day I die.

what I'm about:

rescue dogs + pitbulls

My shows : The Office, Stranger Things, A Different World, Black-ish

 Memphis + Chicago


being truly authentic. what you see with me is what you get!

donuts - Blueberry donuts from Gibson's are my worldddd

Beer drinking on patios

my couples! let's grab drinks + be best friends

changing my hairstyle

coffee coffee coffee

lifting + working out 💪🏼

the moments in between 

 Photo by Ashley Benham Photography

Photo by Ashley Benham Photography


To me, clients + friends are one in the same. Clients become some of my sweetest + most dear friends. Getting emotionally invested in each + every couple I document is what makes my photography shaped heart beat. I won't force us to be best friends, LOL, but I promise I'm here for you. I gotchu.


"Dani, I think we're picking up what you're putting down. We'd love to chat more about you photographing our wedding!"

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sessions begin at $300 + wedding collections begin at $2000

on instagram, find me @danibrewer