Meg + Clay / Memphis Engagement Photographer

A few months ago, Clay reached out to me because he was planning to propose to Meg! I was so excited to be able to photograph a proposal, especially for these two beautiful humans that I had met a few years ago when I was a YoungLife leader in college.  

After their proposal, I was so excited to get an email from Meg saying they wanted to book me for their Loflin Yard wedding this May!

For their engagement session, we went out to a riverbed and then a friend's property out in Oakland. Meg + Clay love Johnnyswim (hence the Johnnyswim song in the player above), so I was like "Hey, it'd be super awesome if I played some Johnnyswim during the session!" So parked in the middle of a field, I played Johnnyswim on my car's radio. As soon as we finished shooting, I went to crank my car and it was dead. I almost died of embarrassment/laughter at the same time.  Meg's car wouldn't jump mine off, so they ended up driving me to meet my parents who live near Oakland and my parents helped me get my car started again. How embarrassing?! LOL I won't try that again! Anyway, enjoy the lovely Meg + Clay <3