Dennis + Miriam | A Cedar Hall Wedding | Memphis, TN Wedding Photographer

// 12.17.16 //

I still remember the day I met Miriam. Last summer we met for coffee to meet and talk about her and Denny's wedding day. She told me how they met, that she was actually already in a relationship when they met, and that she's so excited to be spending the rest of her life with her best friend.

Miriam is the kind of woman who's energy and personality immediately light up the room the instant she walks in. She's just about the most beautiful human being I've ever seen with a heart of gold. She told me about her and Denny's relationship, their families, and their relationship, and within the first 10 minutes of meeting her, I knew I HAD to tell their story. Not that I was the only one who could tell it, but I found myself craving being part of their day, showing their lovely day through my lens. As corny as that sounds, I knew I wanted to be there to witness this amazing wedding day.

I met Dennis a few weeks after Miriam and I first met. Dennis + Miriam are the couple that cannot keep their eyes off of each other when the other is speaking. Through that, I felt their's insane! Obviously engaged couples are going to be in love, but it's not every day that you feel ~this~ type of chemistry between a couple. Yep. I was even more in love with them after that day. 

I'll let Denny + Miriam share more of their story, after all they know it way better than I do <3 

"Anyone that has been in a relationship for that long knows that although you love each other, relationships aren’t always easy. We definitely had our fair share of bumps along the way and we always decided to love each other anyway and that choice to love is even more important in marriage, so that is why we chose the song. We will never give up on each other or this marriage." :: Dennis, when asked why they chose their first dance song "I Won't Give Up" ::

:: Dennis, on his favorite things about Miriam ::

"My favorite thing about Miriam is her serving heart and her sweet, sincere joy. She does so much for me every day to show me how much she loves me, but not like in a cheesy way.....She is a very goal oriented, driven woman with incredible passion for her future career, and this rubs off on me. As for the joy part, well you’ve seen her light up a room with a smile or one of her little laughs."

:: Miriam, on her favorite characteristics of Denny ::

"Generosity. Denny is SO SO SO generous. His generosity in all areas is just so abundant and overwhelming.  When I say generous, I don’t just mean financially. He is really generous financially though, when he gives…it’s so often and he gives with an open hand and never expects anything in return.

He’s so generous with his time and love.  He’s generous with his time even when he is crazy busy with school, soccer, or community service stuff.  He always carves out the time to drink some coffee on the couch with me while we watch an episode or two of “The Office”.

He also loves me unconditionally and with such unwavering love.  I could be having a stressful day at work or school and take my stress out on him, only to have him give me a huge hug and tell me that he’s doing all of the chores for me or just doing something to relieve a little bit of my stress.  He really does love me with an overwhelming amount of love, even when I’m cranky and unkind."

:: Miriam, on how they met ::

"We were sophomores in 2010 at the University of Memphis…long story short, I had a boyfriend and Denny was getting over a lil heartbreak when we first crossed paths....

This silly boy was sprinting across campus because he was late to class.  Obviously, this silly boy was Denny.  Brian excitedly proclaimed, “Dennis!!!!!! Come here! Miriam, that’s my best friend Dennis!!!”.

I was also immediately captivated by his killer dimples as he smiled, his cute looks, his charm, and …..I’m kind of embarrassed to say this…..but, the fact that Denny was an athlete.  I’ve always loved athletic boys.  This is also funny but, all along, Brian always thought Denny and I would be a good match.  Once my boyfriend was out of the picture, Denny and I immediately hit it off."

"I don’t really know how to butter this one up, so I will just go out and say it. I was most excited about finally being married to my best friend and the love of my life!! I had been living on my own eating microwave meals from September to December and I was by myself a lot, and come December 17, I was looking forward to nothing more than having my best friend with me every day to laugh with and snuggle with. It most definitely has turned out to be my favorite part of that whole day." :: Dennis, when asked what excited him most about his wedding day ::

:: Miriam's favorite part of their wedding::

"After Denny and I were pronounced husband and wife, we went upstairs and ate a quick 15 minute dinner.  Just the two of us.  It was the most intimate and so funny.  Denny & I hysterically laughed about our nervous moments during the ceremony, squealed over the fact that we were husband and wife, took millions of selfies, realized we had no idea how to dance to our first song, and stuffed our faces with the amazing food. 

For those fifteen minutes, I gave my sole attention to my husband and I had his sole attention."

"Like any other couple, our relationship hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies.  We went through a period where we were so selfish and we were learning how to give and take.  We were learning that we each had to try to make our relationship work.  If you ask me, relationships aren’t always 50-50.  I mean, yes, both people have to work hard to make a relationship work, but there are times where one person is fully committed, peppy, and happy with the relationship…then you have the other person that’s in this weird funk.  That’s when the happy, peppy person has to love the other person.  You love them even when they’re in a weird funk and trying to find their “identity”.  You never give up on the person you really love.  That’s why “I won’t give up” was our first song.  We have both grown so much over the years, individually and together.  We have both been through those funk periods when we thought (for a very split second) that the best thing to do was go our separate ways.  Then we’d snap out of it and realize how crazy in love we were with one another.  We were the very best of friends that had so much fun together.  We realized our relationship was much too valuable to throw away.  We promised one another to never give up and to always choose to love each other through it all." :: Miriam on choosing "I Won't Give Up" ::