let's talk.

Dani Brewer is a lifestyle and wedding photographer based in Memphis, TN. She is available for travel worldwide.

emotional. honest. real.

Let's get REAL + personal. I want your guard down + your emotions exposed. Wild connection. The messy, unabridged, raw, lovely you. If that thought makes you bit uncomfortable, that's ok. You just have to be willing to let the emotions happen. That's your only job here. My job is to create a space for you to connect + laugh + cry + embrace. You ready?


You'll flirt a little; there might be some inappropriate jokes, or maybe even a butt smack, it's totally up to you. There will definitely be snuggling, talking about the real stuff, + treasuring the moments spent together.



travel dates

From outta town + want to book a session? YAS!! I loooove traveling to photograph couples + families in love. Check out my travel dates below, but even if a city near you isn't listed, please holla because this list isn't exhaustive! 

Nov 3-5 // NEW ORLEANS

December 3-7 // DALLAS



stay connected

// My hope is that my words and more importantly, my work, have resonated with you in some way. If you're inspired, moved, or excited about working with me, please reach out! Chances are we'll end up being good friends and will share a bottle of wine or Gibson's donuts or a few iced coffees (maybe all three). Hit me up. Gimme a shout. However you wanna say it, just do it!

// For session + wedding pricing info, inquire below. Got questions? Let's hear 'em.