What is a milestone?

A milestone session is a session that takes place at any point during baby's first year. Milestone sessions typically take place around the time of a big milestone for baby. Sitting up, eating real food (spaghetti fight session, anyone?!), crawling, standing, etc. Milestone sessions are centered around baby's new life stage + includes family members as well!

When should we take newborn photos?

A newborn session can take place until the baby is 3 months old. Typically, they are scheduled for 2 weeks after the baby's due date, but life happens + newborn sessions get put on the back burner sometimes. So if you have a 2 month old + still want a newborn session, let's do it! 

My kids are totally not going to behave for a full hour. Are you sure we need a full session?

I get this a lot! People tend to be surprised by how good their images are because they think their kids won't behave. I PROMISE, I got this. I'm a kid whisperer. Most of the session will be chatting about them, playing games, tickle fights, and foot races. Often, it's easier to get the images I want when the session is longer because I can let the kiddo warm up to me + what we're doing.