Far from traditional family photos


Run through the field, romp in the creek.

They're only this little for a little while.

Looking to remember the way your silly kiddos chase each other around in the yard? Up for an adventure - to the woods or on a hike? Want to remember everything about your 4 year old who is soon to be too big for you to carry because he's already half your height? 

I know. Let's capture that.

That old saying "babies don't keep" is so TRUE. I don't have  kids of my own, but there are a few of my friends kids that are the nearest + dearest humans to my heart. So I know what it feels like to hold a newborn for the first time + love her like you've never loved anyone else. And what it's like to watch that baby learn to sit + crawl + walk + all of a sudden she's 7 years old + a big sister to 2 beautiful babies who I get to watch grow up the same way.

Kids are fun. Let them play!

Lifestyle sessions with me tend to be pretty fun! I'll get the traditional "grandma photos", you know, the one's your grandma will want for her fridge. But I dig way deeper into the relationships between parents + kids + between the kids themselves! I want to show the fun + unique things about your lives now. Kids change so so fast. Don't put off capturing your today. Because soon, those babies won't be babies + you won't even be able to pick them up. Whether your arms are full with 3 toddlers under 5 or if you have one sweet 8 year old looking forward to being an older sibling, it's unique + beautiful + worth being told!