this one's for the lovers

I was sitting in the crowd at a photography conference. Quickly jotting down notes as each speaker presented their topic and shared their knowledge with the rest. I had been feeling down and in a bit of a rut before the conference so I was desperately searching for something inside me to reignite. That's when the speaker said something that would resonate with me so deeply. Something super simple, yet impactful.

"Marriage IS a big deal."

Woah. I knew it was important, but not having gone through it myself (yet), I hadn't actually thought about how insanely big of a deal marriage is. That talk completely flipped me upside down and made me fall in LOVE with couples. It's not the huge floral centerpieces, or the grand sparkler exit, or even the dream wedding dress. Weddings are about marriage. Starting a life with another person, forever connected, intertwined on a deeper level than I have experienced thus far. Marriage is a big deal, weddings are the start of each couple's story. I fell in love with working with couples, I started caring about each couple on a deeper level and was not only excited about documenting their story, but needed to tell that story well. That's why I shoot weddings.

I'm looking for a specific kind of couple to photograph. I don’t care what you look like, how expensive your florals are, or how many guests you have, I’m looking for couples who are passionate, completely in love, affectionate, unique, and adventurous. I want a couple that is excited about committing their lives to each other, so much so that the little details don't matter as much.

Collections begin at 2000. Inquire for a detailed investment guide.