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You found the human you want to spend your life with. Your person. The Jim to your Pam. This calls for celebration! Whether you’re having a destination wedding with 250 guests, eloping on a mountaintop with just you & ya boo, or you’re having a Memphis wedding with all your fam + friends, let's pop a bottle & cheers to you two building a life together. I don’t care what your wedding looks like, what you look like, what style your dress is, or how many guests will be there - I'm here to tell your unique, one of a kind love story. If ya’ll are super in love, ready to take on life together, & value having gorgeous photos hanging on your walls, I’m the gal for ya.

I'm going to bottle up everything on your wedding day; from the sweet kisses, the hilarious toasts, the terrible dance moves (somebody's got them), and beyond. I'm there for it all & I'm going to save it for you to cherish.


it’s me, dani b

I'm Dani. Long story short, I'm an awesome wedding photographer because I love telling love stories + I tell them well. I have a super chill personality which I've been told helps keep my couples feeling comfortable +natural! I'm a little bit of a fly on the wall mixed with ninja, and I promise I won't go all "Dwight and Michael parkouring" around your wedding. If you don't know what scene from The Office that is, please go look it up LOL.

If you're dying to know more, here are five things you ought to know:
1. My fur kids are my life. Brees is my middle aged, grumpy lab mix & Halo is my playful pitbull puppy.
2. Iced coffee will always always put me in a better mood. There's never a time I don't want iced coffee. 
3. I've seen The Office 16 times all the way through. I started it my sophomore year in college & haven't looked back. 
4. I have a deep desire to be a foster mama. I truly believe God is using this time to prepare me for the #momlife ahead.
5. I change my hairstyle like it's my job. From my natural fro to braids, from blonde to black, I love to switch it up.


my philosophy

the little moments are just as important as the big moments

 Dani Brewer
As your wedding photographer: 

I promise to give my all to your wedding day. I will capture it the way I would want my own captured. I’ll tell your wedding day as a story - not just the big moments because the little moments tell the story just as much. The little + the big moments are what make your wedding day, YOURS. You two are unique and your wedding reflects that. The double-chinned laughs, the moment you see your groom waiting at the altar, the fist pump as you two run down the aisle - finally married, the sweaty dancing as you celebrate with your friends + family.

real couples, real experiences

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Not at all! But if you're local to the Memphis area + our schedules align, I would love to! I don't meet with every couple, though. A phone call or FaceTime are totally perfect too.
I'll send over a contract + you both will sign it digitally. It's a $1000 retainer to hold your date. The balance is due 30 days before your wedding date. Super easy! If you need a payment plan, don't hesitate to ask.
OMG, IF YOU DON'T IMA BE MAD!!!!! Ok, not really, but 4real, please bring those pups! The only thing I ask is that you also bring an extra hand to hold the pups if the doggos aren't going to be there for the whole sesh.