Leisha + Brevin | St. Louis Wedding Photographer

I met Leisha + Brevin when I was living in Chicago earlier this year. Leisha was working with my friend + roommate at the time, so when Leisha + Brevin got engaged, Colleen was the birdie in Leisha's ear telling her about me!  I photographed their engagement session + was SO excited for their wedding all year! <3

Leisha + Brevin's gorgeous wedding was in the heart of St. Louis, MO, their hometown + where they now live together as husband + wife. Those two put so much heart into their wedding, but so much more importantly, they were surrounded by SO much love. It was so dang tangible. Their ceremony was a short worship service as they + their guests prayed + sang praises to the Lord for bringing them together to start life as one. It was so beautiful. I'm about to go look at their wedding video AGAIN. 

Without further adieu, Mr. + Mrs. McVicar!

dani brewer