Your Guide to the most amazing engagement session with dani brewer

Choosing Outfits

What the heck do we wear?!

This is the most common question I get when planning engagement sessions!

1) Be comfortable! Wear something you love + feel good in. You don't want to be tugging at your shirt, stressed over if your pants make your butt look weird in a certain pose, etc. 

2) Don't worry about matching. Actually, PLEASE don't match 🙏🏽 Matching is so 2000s beach trip. Coordinate if you want, but seriously don't stress too much about if your outfits "match". I'm way more focused on you two than your clothes!

3) Take note of the location (we'll discuss this next). But if you're going to be romping in the creek, you might not want to wear a suit + party dress. I mean, do you, but it might be a little restricting! 

4) If you're having a hard time deciding, bring two differently styled outfits! Everything else applies, I want you to be comfortable in whatever you're in. 

Here are some #styleinspo. My couples have way better fashion sense than I do, that's for sure. 

Here’s a link to a Pinterest board with INSPO!

Choosing Location

Where the heck should we go?!

I'm a big fan of staying in one location, unless the second desired location is close by! We can totally do two locations that aren't too close, but your session will need to be at least two hours! Personally, the last thing I want is to be too worried watching the clock when I'm really wanting to capture you two + create authentic moments between you. This is totally a personal preference, but when I get on a roll, I don't like to stop unless there isn't any sun left! 

1) Consider what you two do for fun! A majority of my sessions are in a field/in the woods somewhere. I'm obsessed with the field vibe + I always suggest it. But if you don't like being outside or just want to try something else, consider: a bar, your home, the lake, a fair, downtown, a mountain top, midtown, heck even another city! I'm always up for traveling for engagement sessions.

2) Consider the season you're taking your engagement photos. If you're wanting to take them in January, you might want to consider an indoor session, at home or at a coffee shop!

3) All in all, the location, just like the clothes, don't matter as much as the love between you two! You don't have to pick an EPIC location. Shelby Farms, your front porch, or a rooftop are perfect options. The main thing is YALL. So don't stress if you can't think of something "creative" enough. 

What To Expect

We're seriously not photogenic AT ALL, I hope you get a few good ones.

OK. NOPE. If I had a dollar for every time a couple said that to me, I'd have a lot of dollars. 

Seriously, HANDLING THIS IS WHY I LOVE MY JOB SO MUCH. I'm not yelling, I promise, I'm just excited. Do not worry about this. I'm going to give you direction. Behind every smiling/laughing photo you see, is me saying something weird or making weird noises at the couple. It's not natural to be in front of the camera, I promise! That part is my job. It's ok, I gotchu.

Just to give you a heads up of what to expect, I'm going to tell you to do silly things like walk swinging your arms and booty bumping, you miiiiight have to lick your boo’s nose, you'll probably play tag at some point, maybe even jump into each others arms. Make sure you have at least one joke on hand + don't forget your best dance moves at home. I’ll get yall to be super silly, but I’ll also have you two get sweet + snuggly + get those intimate shots. It’s totally your vibe though, I won’t force anything that doesn’t come naturally to you! If you’re really worried about being too nervous or stiff, bring a 6 pack (or other drink of choice) to your session if we don’t have time to have a drink beforehand. Even just a few sips can get the most nervous person to loosen up and have a blast!

I'll bring my bluetooth speaker so we can play your favorite tunes - bonus points if you have a Spotify playlist ready!

*PS, these moments didn't just happen

Other Tips From Your Fav Photog

Make a Day Out of it. I totally understand if you're not able to take the whole day off. BUT if you can, take it easy + enjoy the day together! Our session will likely be at sunset, so you have most of the day to relax, have a few good meals together, watch some Netflix, + veg out before getting ready for the session. Honestly the last thing you want is to end up having a stressful day, rush to get ready, run a few minutes late, + then have tension during your session! You don't want to look back on your day remembering the fight you got into because y'all were running late + then he took the wrong turn + you were late in the first place because he wouldn't leave so and so's house + on + on. This is obviously super exaggerated, but you get the point! <3

Let's grab drinks before. If y'all have the day off + want to stop at a cool bar for a few drinks before your session, I'm so there! If you didn't know by now, I'm very pro-being friends with wedding clients. I'm always up to grab drinks + chat. Plus this eliminates the awkwardness when we first start the session if I hadn't met your man yet! Plus, a few drinks in + we won't be strangers! (Don't worry we can continue the party after the session if you want). 

YAY! GET EXCITED! We’re about to have MAJOR fun + make lots of AMAZING photos <3 <3

-Dani B