elopement giveaway

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Yep, you read that right - I’m giving away elopement coverage! What in the heckin heck?! What made ya do that, Dani?
Honestly, I just LOVE elopements + I’ve been really wanting to give away coverage for one.
A few conditions apply.

The couple must be eloping. This is not a wedding with guests + a dance floor (nothing against those, I LOVE weddings). Elopements qualify as just the officiant (if applicable) + the couple present.
The couple must be eloping in a state other than TN, AR, or MS.
The couple must cover all travel fees to + from Memphis to elopement location. (including travel, lodging for 3 nights, + rental car).

I’m giving away 4, yes FOUR, hours of elopement coverage.
that’s a value of $1400. fo free.