Ready to learn how to use your “big camera”?

Have you had a DSLR for years & just never had the time to learn how to take decent photos on it?


When I first got my big camera in high school, I had no idea what I was doing. It wasn’t until I took a class in college that I actually learned how to get it off of automatic + learn how to take awesome photos.

Whether you want photos of your kids, fur kids, or could see yourself being a professional photographer one day, this class is for you! If you’re ready to learn, I’m ready to teach you! <3

This class started when multiple people asked me about teaching them how to work their new cameras. I figured I’d get a group together to hangout + learn the basics. This will be my second class and I’m hoping to keep teaching more + building the community I wish I had in the beginning of my photography journey. Once you sign up for the workshop, I’ll add you to the Facebook Group for attendees only. This is a place where you’ll always be able to ask questions, share photos, and have a community to support you. I’m so serious when I say I wish I would’ve had this when I started! I’m so excited to meet you!

My next workshop date is JUNE 1, 2019 at 10 AM at The Hub Coffeehouse in E. Memphis, TN.
The workshop includes: a workbook, access to the facebook group, 3 hours of instruction, 1 hour of guided shooting, q+a, coffee, + snacks.

Once you sign up, look out for a follow up email with location details + additional info.

The specifics

Topics we’ll discuss: knowing your camera, how to shoot in manual mode, lighting, + composition.
We’re also going to have a one hour guided shoot. I’ll choose a few models for us, you guys will be able to practice what you’ve just learned and I’ll be there for you to ask questions!
I’m keeping the class size small so I can make sure to address everyone’s needs throughout the class + the shoot.
We’re going to sip fresh brewed coffee, learn about photography, create community, + shoot. I’m so excited!
Join me!