In the words on Donna & Tom from Parks & REC...

"TREAT YO' SELF 2019!"



AUGUST 2-4 2019

Treat Yo' Self Workshop is a weekend long photography workshop for beginners in the photography business. Jacqueline & I have a heart for sharing our wisdom, and encouraging our fellow women photographers to see the importantance of investing in themselves. Both of us have invested thousands of dollars over the years on education, photography courses, gear, etc, to set ourselves up for success. We feel extremely grateful for the gift and passion for photography that the Lord has been gracious to give us, and we want to share EVERYTHING we have learned at this workshop. We want to set you up for future success and be completely open books for you to learn from us beacauseeeee #GIRLSSUPPORTGIRLS

When is this workshop?
August 2-4!! Exact times are TBD. But it will start Friday night and go until Sunday afternoon!

Is a place to stay included?
YES! CRAZY RIGHT! It will include a 3 day, 2 night stay in an Airbnb in Memphis, TN 

If I live in Memphis, do I have to stay at the Airbnb?
I mean obviously we can't *force* you to, but we would much rather have everyone together for the weekend! If you choose not to, the price doesn't change! 

What should I bring?
Your beautiful self, your gear, your laptop, and a hard drive with any photos you've taken! Also, a notebook to take notes is always a good idea! And then whatever you need to stay overnight for 2 nights! At least one *cute* outfit because Jacqueline and I will be taking updated headshots for everyone!!

How much does it cost?
The workshop will be $500 for the first 5 people to sign up! Then, the price will jump to $650. Spots are VERY limited bc we want to keep an intimate vibe. So grab your spot quick! 

What else is included?
Tons of education. Some topics we will be covering are:  Lighting, Camera Basics, Gear, Client Relationships/Setting expectations, Contracts/Deposits, Editing, Posing, Pricing, Websites, Social Media, Being a Mom/doing this full time, Professional Boundaries/ Not taking things personally, Optional Portfolio Review, Open Q&A AND MORE!

We will also have 2 AMAZING shoots during the workshop. One will be with a couple and we are working with some AMAZING vendors to set up a beautiful Wedding styled shoot. The other will be a family shoot!! Jacqueline and I will also be taking updated headshots of everyone who attends!! WAHOO!

It also will include dinner the first night, and breakfast both mornings! 


Meet Dani!

HEYO! I’m Dani B. I’m a wedding + family photographer born + raised in Memphis TN. I’ve been a photographer for 3 years + have had the opportunity to travel to Ireland, California, Missouri, Texas, + next year, Hawaii for work! I was in nursing school in college, determined to fulfill the dreams my parents always had for me - to work in the medical field with a “reliable career”. I dropped out after one of the worst years of my life. In that dark place, I found the cheapest way to study abroad, + in the heart of the Costa Rican rain forest, I found photography.

I finished college with a random major, just to say I did it. I nannied for 2 years as I built up my photography career + started shooting families. I had some friends of mine ask me to shoot their wedding, but I told them no. The third time they asked, I said “ok, sure!” I was TERRIFIED, but in the nerves, I found a thrill + a love for capturing the stories of wedding days.

I recently celebrated DBP’s third birthday + my 50th wedding! 🙌🏽

I’m so excited to cultivate community + teach about my most favorite thing - capturing stories.


Hey, it’s me, Jac! I’m a Wedding + Portrait photographer from Chattanooga TN. After college, I was a special education teacher for 3 years, but I always had a love for photography. Once I left teaching, I was part time on Young Life staff in NW Georgia. I’ve always had a love for people, so YL seemed like a perfect fit. After I while, I realized I wanted to do something more creative with my career, but I never thought I’d find the right thing. I started dabbling in photography that year and that’s when I realized - photography allows me to use both my creativity + my love for people. This fusion of my gifts was an answered prayer.

My husband, family, + friends all encouraged me to purchase my first “nice camera” before our move to Memphis a little over 2 years ago. My husband, Bobby, + I moved here for him to attend medical school at UT. At first, photography was a side hustle, but when I found out I was pregnant, I made my dream of being a full time photographer a reality. Now, my baby girl, Bella is here and I’m a work from home mom.

I’m excited to share what I’ve learned, because we all start somewhere. I had so many amazing mentors help me when I first started, so I’m excited to be that for someone else!



We’re best friends + wedding photographers in Memphis. We saw a gap in the educational opportunities for beginner photographers. We want to bridge that gap, cultivate community, + learn from each other!


Ready to invest in your business?!