Eurotrip August 2018 | Ireland

In May 2018, I decided I was going to travel for the month of August. A photographer in New Jersey, who had just become facebook friends with me posted about traveling for a few weeks and I responded and the rest is history.

Emely and I met when I landed in New York and she picked me up from the airport. The next day, we were off to Dublin. We spent one week in Ireland, one week in Italy, and one week in France! It was such a blast, the food was amazing! I didn’t end up taking my camera on every adventure we went on throughout the 3 weeks, but here are a handful of images from our week in Ireland! When I go back, I’ll definitely be taking more photos, especially of the food!

The Cliffs of Moher were BY FAR my most favorite part of Ireland. It was beyond gorgeous and I wish I could’ve spent more time sitting on the cliffs.

Enjoy! <3