Storytelling Connection Sessions


up to 1.5 hours of shooting, an online gallery of 45 downloadable images
what I photograph: maternity, newborn (at-home/ in-hospital), family


full gallery of images - $300
coffee table photo books - beginning at $200



How do we book?

Shoot me message in the contact form below & we’ll talk session ideas & dates. Once we decide on a date, I’ll email you an online contract & invoice. Everything is done online - no stress! To officially be on the books, you just need to complete the contract & 50% of the session fee.

When should we book?

As soon as you can! But I don't book family sessions more than 3 months out. Due to constantly changing travel schedules for weddings and having a day job, I can only plan my calendar for family sessions 3 months in advance. I also only book up to 5 family sessions each month. Shameless plug, but I suggest joining my Facebook group for families if you're interested in booking a session but it's too far out to actually book. There I'll keep everyone updated on my calendar openings & when my booking opens up! Join that group by clicking here

So what’s included in our session?

Up to 1.5 hours of shooting at the location of choice. I often will begin sessions at home + we’ll end the session outdoors! 45 digital images are included with the session fee, but the remainder of the images are available for purchase at $15/image or $300 for the full set.

What is a “storytelling connection session”? And why are they different?

Basically, I made that name up myself. I felt like it encompasses what I’m trying to do with my family sessions. I don’t want to just capture the ‘smile at me’ *click* ‘ok now smile at each other’. There’s none of that here. I’ll get you all smiling at me, sure, but that’s not my main focus. My main focus is telling your family’s story. The dynamics, the love, the jokes, the quirks. I want to bottle it all up for you to remember. Maybe right now your baby still fits perfectly in your arms, or maybe they’re half your height but you still tote them around because you know that all too soon they’ll be too heavy for that. Maybe your little loves to run around picking flowers or maybe she likes to play pretend & go on “adventures”. Does your little like to be tickled? Do they like to chase you & pretend to be monsters? Do they cuddle their own baby dolls the way you cuddle them? Any & every little thing about them is exactly what I want to capture. I’ll ask you guys questions about each other, I’ll get you to let your hair down and play, I’ll ask you to hold each other and tell each other how much you love the other.

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