Floberg Family / Welcome Baby Theo / Chicago Newborn Photographer

In February when I was living in Chicago, I reached out to Eric Floberg who is an AMAZING photographer + videographer there, asking to grab coffee and chat about photography. Ya know, what us photographers do for fun, not even kidding. 

He told me he'd get back to me because his wife, Sabriah, was about to give birth to their second little boy! Sweet Theo was born and a few weeks later and after they were all settled in, Eric + Sabriah opened their adorable home up to me and let me spend an entire day hanging out with them and their kiddos. Of course I couldn't not take their photos, especially because sweet Theo and Scout are the CUTEST lil boys. After I photographed them, Eric and I spent a few hours talking photography and I admired his work. Like seriously guys, his images are awesome and his videos are BOMB. Like he's definitely my favorite videographer, ever. Check him out Eric Floberg. If I ever get married, he will FOR SURE be videoing it, but don't hold your breath.

Eric, Sabriah, Scout + baby Theo <3


P.S. at the end of our session, Eric surprised Sabriah with a song that he WROTE and SANG and PLAYED ON THE GUITAR. If that ain't the sweetest dang thing. My heart. <3 

Javian + Joshua | A March Esplanade Wedding | Memphis Wedding Photographer


I met Javian in college at the University of Memphis. Javian and Joshua also met at the U of M. Look at Memphis, little matchmaker! I loved spending this beautiful April day watching these two beautiful souls become one. 

Javian and Joshua have a connection that is almost tangible when in their presence. They are some of the sweetest people ever and of course totally in love. I was SO excited when they asked me to document their day <3

Hearing them talk about each other just makes ya melt, so I asked them each to tell me a little about each other after their wedding:

"People always say Joshua has a gentle spirit, and he does. But he's also so strong and I get to see that side more than most people because of the time I'm blessed to spend with him away from others. I'm so thankful to have married a man strong like him. He's not just strong in the way that most people think, but in his faith, his love, his determination, his values, and pretty much everything else he puts his mind to. He never quits and rarely stumbles.

I also love that he's a good man, who I know will train my children to love the Lord and love their family. I know he will always take care of me and our future family. My favorite part of my vows (other than the fact that I will stalk him in Heaven 😂😇) is the fact that he makes me better. He helps me serve God better. He is nothing like what I would have picked for myself because God knew so much better than me. However, he is everything I could ever want or need in a best friend and a husband. The most perfect man in my eyes. I love him in a way I can't really put into words. I just know I can't imagine my life without him."

"Javian has been an inspiration to me since the day I met her. She is always so motivated, dedicated, and ambitious. It encourages me to be the same way. I love her more than life itself. Particularly I love how genuinely happy she is all the time. I know that when I'm with her I will never stop laughing. Being married to her has made my life so much more enjoyable. She does so much for me that she just makes my life easy. That's why I vowed to always follow God first to make it easier to follow me. She deserves that type of husband. I am so excited to spend everyday with her and take on all of our adventures together."